KCMA Certification Testing

The KCMA/ANSI Quality Certification Seal is a nationally recognized and respected symbol. In fact, This Old House recommends buying cabinets with the seal. Cabinets bearing the seal have been extensively tested against rigorous standards to ensure quality craftsmanship, durability and longevity. When shopping for cabinets, consumers want to focus on color, style and cost. They don’t want to worry about the quality of their cabinets, and this seal gives them peace of mind.


Recent Hanley Wood research shows that 3rd party testing is one of the top drivers in the selection process for builders and architects.

Third-party labs perform a series of tests against cabinets to measure different elements such as structural integrity, durability, installation and longevity.

There are four different categories of testing: 

·     Structural tests – to verify the structural integrity and strength of the cabinets
·    Door tests – to verify the ability of doors to withstand loading and operate under the stress of normal use
·    Drawer tests – to verify the ability of drawers to operate with loading during normal use and the ability of the drawer-front assembly to withstand the impact of closing the drawer under normal use 
·     Finish tests – to verify the ability of the finish to withstand heat, substances and prolonged exposure to detergents and water solutions

KCMA Certification Testing
A 3lb weight is dropped inside the drawer 10 times

KCMA Certification Testing
Cabinets are opened and closed 25,000 time while loaded with 15lbs/sq ft

KCMA Certification Testing
Cabinets are loaded to 15lbs/sq. ft. for 7 days


Today’s marketplace is very competitive and it can be hard for a cabinet company to distinguish themselves. The KCMA/ANSI Quality Certification Seal is a way to do just that. It sets a company apart by saying proudly that they care about the quality of their cabinets, and that’s what consumers want to see.

The Seal makes it easy for industry professionals to confidently specify cabinets that meet the performance and durability requirements that consumers don’t typically consider – the requirements they care about, but don’t know how to ask about.


For more than 45 years the industry has turned to KCMA to validate the quality and durability of kitchen and bath cabinets. Learn more about the KCMA/ANSI Quality Certification Program, the Environmental Stewardship Program or about becoming a member of KCMA on the KCMA website.

KCMA Certification Testing


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